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Why Choose Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella?   

Burke, Warren is a dynamic mid-sized firm with a well-earned reputation within the Chicago business and legal communities.  We’ve used that reputation to build a ground-up organization where entrepreneurialism fuels personal and professional growth, as well as financial reward, for our attorneys. 

Associate Experience

To better serve our clients, most of our matters are staffed with no more than two or three attorneys.  For associates, this means unparalleled experience that larger firms cannot match. Litigation associates at Burke, Warren can expect to spend as much time writing briefs, arguing motions and advising clients, as they will spend researching and reviewing documents.  Corporate or real estate associates will spend as much time attending closings, and participating in negotiations, as they might spend preparing forms or performing due diligence.  Making sure that associates have meaningful work experience is part of Burke, Warren’s belief that hands-on experience helps new attorneys become better lawyers.

Burke, Warren’s Summer Associate Program

Burke, Warren primarily hires first-year associates through its Summer Associate Program. The firm’s highly-selective program accepts two summer associates each year, who are usually recruited through the OCI process at Midwestern law schools. Our program seeks to involve our summer associates in actual representative matters staffed by small groups of attorneys.  Summer associates get experience drafting pleadings and documents, researching the law, observing court hearings, attending closings, and working directly with senior attorneys.  In addition, they attend a variety of firm and client events throughout the summer, providing the opportunity to socialize with peers and hone networking skills. The Summer Associate Program is led by a committee of Burke, Warren attorneys of varying levels of experience, who serve as mentors and facilitators for the summer associates during their time with Burke, Warren.

Work‒Life Balance

Practicing law is already hard work; the people you work with shouldn’t make it harder.  It’s a value that Burke, Warren has embraced since it was founded. When our attorneys leave the office, they pursue a variety of activities outside of the practice of law. Whether it's time spent with family or at a summer music festival, Burke, Warren encourages all associates to take on manageable workloads and seek out the assistance of partners and peers in maintaining a reasonable work‒life balance.

Pro Bono

Our firm has a dedicated Pro Bono Committee that presents its attorneys with pro bono opportunities and facilitates community involvement.  As part of Burke Warren’s commitment to pro bono work, associates have historically received an hourly credit for time spent on pro bono representation.  

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