Internal Investigations

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Companies of all sizes in all industries often find themselves confronted with burdensome allegations of corporate fraud, inquiries from government and regulatory entities, allegations of whistleblowers, and incidences of employee misconduct. With the widespread use of technology across all business sectors, cyber crime is also a growing concern. 

In any such situation, an internal investigation becomes a key part of a company’s proactive strategy to minimize its risk of employee misconduct, to protect its reputation and brand, and, once allegations are formalized, to ensure that essential facts are gathered and presented, so that any ensuing damages are minimized. These investigations allow the client to get out in front of issues and respond with a reasoned and well-thought-out approach. 

Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella’s Internal Investigations group provides critical expert assistance to companies navigating the complex and evolving landscape of laws surrounding implementation of such investigations. Attorneys in Burke, Warren's Internal Investigations group have conducted various investigations and have successfully assisted clients in enacting protective measures such as establishing policies to prevent employee misconduct, designing and implementing corporate compliance procedures, and providing employee training and audit programs. These measures serve to mitigate reputational, brand, and litigation exposure. 

Our Internal Investigations attorneys represent and assist clients faced with criminal or civil proceedings, in their dealings with government agencies, state and local regulatory bodies, and grand juries, and can advise on best practices for responding to a subpoena or a request for a face-to-face interview. Former prosecutors and government attorneys assist in advising clients, so that the best possible outcome is reached. 

The Internal Investigations group is chaired by partner Joe Roddy, who previously served in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, where he prosecuted numerous jury trials and oversaw a multitude of different types of criminal investigations. In private practice, Mr. Roddy has coordinated and conducted internal investigations for Fortune 500 companies, closely held companies, and local municipalities.

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