Firm’s Levin Negotiates End to High-Rise Window Washers’ Strike

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Firm client Corporate Cleaning Services (“CCS”), the largest high rise window washing company in Chicago, represented by Firm partner Ira M. Levin, and the Window Cleaners Union (SEIU Local 1) have reached an agreement on a new five year collective bargaining agreement.

About 260 union window washers represented by the Union were covered by a three-year contract that expired on June 30, 2018. On July 2, 2018, the Union members went on strike. The strike ended on July 27, 2018.

Under the new five-year agreement, window cleaners will receive a significant wage increase. In addition, among other improved benefits, CCS increased the amount it will pay for its portion of employees’ health insurance and life insurance costs.

“We are able to achieve an agreement that is beneficial to CCS, their employees and their customers,” said Levin, who was successful in negotiating a five-year deal, instead of the traditional three-year deal, with the Union. “Unfortunately, the Union chose to authorize a strike creating unreasonable expectations among its members.” Although the Union held several rallies and press conferences at City Hall, Levin said that CCS remained firm in its position, and, ultimately, “the deal we offered before the strike was nearly identical to the deal eventually reached.”

Levin was assisted in the negotiations by Firm associate Elizabeth Pall.

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