Received A City Of Chicago Ordinance Violation?

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Some legal issues that arise in your business seem so minor that it is reasonable to try to resolve them yourself. Resolving a City of Chicago ordinance violation, however, is not one of them. First, Illinois law requires that all corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) be represented by an attorney in court, even in an administrative hearing to resolve an ordinance violation. Second, if you simply ignore the ticket or notice, the City of Chicago can enter a default judgment against you, assess the maximum fines available, and if they remain unpaid, can begin collection proceedings and cloud the title on your property inhibiting your ability to obtain insurance, refinance, do construction or sell. City of Chicago Ordinance Violations include, among others:

If you receive a ticket or notice of violation, the attorneys at Burke Warren have extensive experience and can advise you on how to become compliant with the City of Chicago Codes and will represent your business at the administrative hearing to obtain a positive resolution. For more information, please contact Blake Roter at or 312/840-7116. 

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