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"Don’t say anything bad about Al Gore around the founders and engineers of the Internet,” David W. Maher joked, referring to Gore’s role in the development of the Internet, “or you will be excommunicated.” According to Maher, Gore paved the way for key legislation and funding that has proved to be integral to today’s Internet.

As a key player in the early development and governance of the Internet, Maher shared stories of his experiences at Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella’s “.org” luncheon on May 6 in Chicago. The Religious & Not-For-Profit practice and chair Jim Serritella brought together Maher and over 75 representatives from numerous religious and other not-for-profit organizations.

Maher, who was the founding chairman of the board of Public Interest Registry, invited his audience to explore the possibilities and evolution of the Internet. In the 1990s, Maher worked closely with Vint Cerf, the “father of the Internet,” and Jon Postel, the “god of the Internet” and was responsible for establishing many of the basic concepts that govern the technical coordination of the Internet, including domain names. He continues to serve as a Senior Vice President at the Public Interest Registry, steward of the “.org” domain.

The “.org” luncheon is the first in a series of programs that provide valuable information to officers, directors and staff of not-for-profits throughout Chicagoland. “David Maher did provide fascinating insights into the development and workings of the Internet. With programs such as this we hope to bring our clients and friends important information about the continuously developing environment in which they work,” said Serritella.

Anyone interested in attending future events is invited to contact Lila Johnson at 312/840-7046 or ljohnson@burkelaw.com or Jim Serritella at 312/840-7040 or jserritella@burkelaw.com.

Burke, Warren’s Religious and Not-For-Profit practice provides the unique services that not-for-profit, religious, education and social services organizations need.

Many firms treat not-for-profit organizations as afterthoughts by providing services through various practice areas and, in the process, ignore many of their specific needs. Burke, Warren takes the opposite approach by providing distinctive services specifically designed for not-for-profits through a dedicated group of attorneys.

The group provides services tailored to not-for-profit organizations in corporate, sponsorship, tax, risk management, constitutional, litigation, employee relations, real estate, estate planning, fund raising and sophisticated giving law. Visit www.burkelaw.com for more information.

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