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Ellen Brace, an associate in the firm’s Litigation group, recently represented an Iraqi veteran, who had been injured in combat, in connection with his civil asset forfeiture case in Cook County. In this case, the State’s Attorney attempted to forfeit the client’s vehicle to the State based on drugs that were allegedly found inside the vehicle. 

During the trial, Ms. Brace successfully obtained an order from the judge for the vehicle to be released to the client. In a separate hearing, Ms. Brace was able to have towing and storage fees reduced for the client so that he was able to pay the fine and reclaim his car from the impound lot. 

Winning this case and helping the client recover his vehicle was especially important because the client needs the vehicle to get to and from his daily treatment for his injuries sustained while serving in Iraq.

Ms. Brace was supervised by Dan Klapman, a partner in the firm’s Litigation group, during this case. She can be reached at 312/840-7029 or


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