CARES Act | Paycheck Protection Program News

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CARES Act | Paycheck Protection Program

May 22 SBA Begins Delayed Consideration of Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Applications
  By: Blake Roter
May 19 SBA Publishes PPP Loan Forgiveness Application
  By: Blake Roter
May 18 PPP Loan Bible: Compilation of Critical Documents  
  By: Craig McCrohon
May 14 SBA Extends PPP Loan Safe Harbor Repayment Date to May 18 and Provides More Guidance for Borrowers over $2 Million
  By: Blake Roter 
May 7 PPP Loan Forgiveness Not Affected By Employees' Rejection of Re-Hire Offer
  By: Blake Roter
April 20 The Math Behind PPP Loan Forgiveness
  By: Ken Richman 
April 13 Main Street Lending Program Expands Access to Capital For Mid-sized to Large Companies
  By: Craig McCrohon
April 11 Careful Planning Can Help You Ensure that Your PPP Loan is Forgiven
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack and Jeff Warren
April 8 SBA Issues Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack
April 3 SBA Issues Interim Final Rule Clarifying CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Loans
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack 
April 1 U.S. Treasury Releases CARES Act Loan Application
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack, Blake Roter, and Doug Wambach
March 27 Congress Passes CARES Act to Stimulate Business Efforts
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack
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