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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resource Center

To assist our clients in addressing the many economic and legal ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella, P.C. has established a COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resource Center to address the broad and far reaching issues brought on by these unprecedented circumstances.

Below, you’ll find articles and alerts from our multi-disciplinary team of experts to guide you. Please contact any one of our attorneys if we can help you.

NOTE: These articles were updated on date identified. Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures being announced and updated each day, please consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated guidance on each topic.


Recent News

May 8  Update: DOL Issues FFCRA FAQs 80-93
  By: Rachel Yarch and Haley Tanzman
May 8 EEOC Provides Employers ADA Compliance Guidance For Handling COVID-19 Issues
  By: Alex Marks and Rachel Yarch
May 8  Update: Illinois Modifies Stay-at-Home Order
  By: Aaron Stanton and Blake Roter
May 7 SBA Extends PPP Loan Safe Harbor Repayment Date to May 14
  By: Blake Roter 
May 7 PPP Loan Forgiveness Not Affected By Employees' Rejection of Re-Hire Offer
  By: Blake Roter
May 7 Can a Customer Sue Your Business After Contracting COVID-19? – Mitigating Risk In A Pandemic
  By: Rachel Yarch and Josh Cauhorn
May 4 Dealing with the Other Side of COVID-19 – The Revival of Small Businesses
  By: Brian Welch and Dave Welch 
May 4 Illinois Supreme Court Order Changes Collection Proceedings During COVID-19
  By: Blake Roter and Eric VanderPloeg 

CARES Act | Paycheck Protection Program

April 30  Update: PPP Loan Bible: Compilation of Critical Documents
  By: Craig McCrohon
April 20 The Math Behind PPP Loan Forgiveness
  By: Ken Richman 
April 13 Main Street Lending Program Expands Access to Capital For Mid-sized to Large Companies
  By: Craig McCrohon
April 11 Careful Planning Can Help You Ensure that Your PPP Loan is Forgiven
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack and Jeff Warren
April 8 SBA Issues Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack
April 3 SBA Issues Interim Final Rule Clarifying CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Loans
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack 
April 1 U.S. Treasury Releases CARES Act Loan Application
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack, Blake Roter, and Doug Wambach
March 27 Update: Congress Passes CARES Act to Stimulate Business Efforts
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack

Labor and Employment

April 28 EEOC Approves COVID-19 Testing by Employers
  By: Brian Weinthal 
April 28 Update: Emergency Amendment to Workers’ Compensation Rules Addressing First Responders and Front-Line Workers Sickened By COVID-19 Repealed
  By: Rachel Yarch and Haley Tanzman 
April 22 Employers Will Face New Challenges as the Country Returns to Work
  By: Brian Weinthal
April 15 Unemployment Benefit FAQs
  By: Alex Marks and Elizabeth Pall
April 8 Financial Resources for Employees During COVID-19
  By: Alex Marks, Elizabeth Pall, and Rachel Yarch
April 6 Helpful FFCRA Guidance for Employers from IRS and EEOC
  By: Elizabeth Pall, Brian Weinthal and  Rachel Yarch
April 6 Fourth Set of FFCRA FAQs from DOL
  By: Rachel Yarch and Haley Tanzman 
April 2 FFCRA Regulations Issued By U.S. Department of Labor
  By: Alexander Marks, Elizabeth Pall, Brian Weinthal, Rachel Yarch 
April 1 WARN Act Requirements For Mass Layoffs or Plant Closings
  By: Blake Roter
March 30  U.S. Department of Labor Issues More Guidance in Advance of FFCRA’s April 1, 2020 Effective Date
  By:Elizabeth Pall, Brian Weinthal, and Rachel Yarch
March 28

Additional Guidance for FFCRA Paid Sick Leave and Paid FMLA Compliance

  By: Alex Marks, Elizabeth Pall, Rachel Yarch
March 26 U.S. Department of Labor Publishes Guidance for Paid Sick Leave and Paid FMLA Compliance
  By: Elizabeth Pall, Rachel Yarch, and Alex Marks
March 24 Refundable Tax Credits Available to Cover Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Paid FMLA
  ByKaren Kavanagh Mack, Alex Marks, Elizabeth Pall, Blake Roter, Greg Winters, and Rachel Yarch
March 23 Update: Congress Passes Emergency Paid Sick Leave & FMLA Changes Applicable to Many Employers
  By: Alex Marks, Elizabeth Pall, Brian Weinthal, and Rachel Yarch
March 21 COVID-19 Employer Frequently Asked Questions
  By: Alex Marks, Elizabeth Pall, and Rachel Yarch 
March 20
Maintaining Cybersecurity Vigilance with Remote Workforce
  By: Victoria Collado and Susan Overbey
March 18
Emergency Unemployment Rules Adopted As COVID-19 Response
  By: Alex Marks, Elizabeth Pall, and Rachel Yarch
March 2
Coping with Coronavirus: Guidance for Employers to Plan for and Respond to Coronavirus
  By: Elizabeth Pall and Rachel Yarch

General Information | Executive Orders

April 20 Update: Northeastern Illinois COVID-19 Court Postponements
  By: Blake Roter
March 24 Navigating Uncertain Government Action
  By: Blake Roter

Corporate| Litigation | Government & Regulatory 

April 13 Class Actions in a COVID-19 World: The Floodgates are Now Open
  By: Andrew LeMar
April 9 Navigating Uncertain Times in Manufacturing and Distribution
  By: Fred Mendelsohn 
March 25 Update: Governmental and Other Organizations Provide Support to Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19
  By: Karen Kavanagh Mack 
March 25 "Force Majeure" Clause or Other Legal Defenses May Excuse Contractual Obligations Due to COVID-19
  By: Adam Jung, Blake Roter, and Eric VanderPloeg
March 20 Class Actions in a COVID-19 World  
  By: Andrew LeMar

Insurance Recovery

March 27 Business Interruption Insurance Claims: Nuts & Bolts
  By: Chris Kentra, Fred Mendelsohn, and Blake Roter
March 19
Business Interruption Insurance Coverage For COVID-19 Losses
  By: Chris Kentra, Fred Mendelsohn, and Blake Roter

Real Estate

March 26 Congress Approves Loans For Real Estate & Hospitality Sectors
  By: Doug Wambach and Gregory Winters    
March 24 Navigating Requests for Rent Relief – A Landlord's Guide
  By: John Stephens, Doug Wambach, and Rachel Wanroy 
March 23

Update: What Does A Shelter-In-Place Order Mean for Your Construction Project?

  By: Josh Cauhorn and Brandon Clark
March 19
Real Estate Transactions Slowed by COVID-19 Shutdowns

By: John Stephens, Douglas Wambach, and Rachel Wanroy

March 18
COVID-19 Related Legal Issues Impacting Commercial Leases
  By: John Stephens, Doug Wambach, and Rachel Wanroy

Restructuring, Insolvency, and Bankruptcy

March 27 Bankruptcy Code Changes Under CARES Act
  By: Brian Welch and David Welch
March 25 Limiting Exposure for Preference Payment Liability When Customers are in Financial Distress
  By: Brian Welch and David Welch
March 24 Restructuring Debts and Bankruptcy Protection Due to COVID-19
  By: Brian Welch and Dave Welch


April 13 IRS Extends Deadlines for Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
  By: Greg Winters
April 2 CARES Act Changes Rules for Qualified Retirement Plans, Suspends Required Minimum Distributions for 2020
  By: Greg Winters
March 25
Deadline to Pay and File Federal and Illinois Taxes Extended to July 15, 2020
  By: Greg Winters

Wealth & Succession Planning

April 3 Financial Downturn Creates Estate Planning Opportunities
  By: Anna Kardaras, Mary McWilliams, and Martin Ryan


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